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Multipurpose Gymnasium Campaign

Why do we need this?


Why is this project being undertaken?                                      
To further advance the mission of Holy Family Catholic School, it's imperative to expand our facilities and offer ample space for our students to develop physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Consequently, we're initiating a fundraising campaign to construct a multipurpose gymnasium.

Current Facilities

Future Plans

Our goal:
Our goal is to raise funds and secure donors for the construction of a multipurpose gymnasium, estimated to cost between 2 and 4 million dollars.

Why is this facility essential for Holy Family Catholic School and the parish?
A multipurpose gymnasium will provide a secure environment for our students to engage in sports, artistic pursuits, and various enrichment activities. Additionally, it will furnish our parish with a sizable venue for hosting school and parish functions, such as our annual auction and the parish fall fest. Furthermore, this facility will be accessible to the broader community for hosting events, dance recitals, wedding receptions, etc.

How can you contribute?
We seek the support of 100% of our Holy Family School and ECC families in backing this project financially. With the recent enactment of HB1, which provides free tuition for all families, you now have additional resources to contribute to your child's school. We urge you to consider donating the equivalent of your tuition fees for this school year. Furthermore, we encourage you to share this information and the donation link below with relatives, friends, local businesses and service providers.

How do I donate?

Donate online

Mail a check made payable to Holy Family Catholic School with Gym Campaign in the memo line.

Holy Family Catholic School
250 78th Ave NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33702



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