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Welcome to the Holy Family Catholic School Community. The school’s purpose is to provide quality Catholic education in an atmosphere where each person is important, and learning is specifically geared to the needs of the student as an individual and as a member of the group. Our goal is to help each child reach his/her potential in all areas of development.

The curriculum of Holy Family Catholic School is in compliance with the recommended requirements set by the Office of Catholic Schools and Centers of the Diocese of St. Petersburg and the standards for Accreditation of Early Childhood and Elementary Schools by the Florida Catholic Conference. Support materials, including textbooks, resources, and software are periodically updated and reviewed.

The following subjects are included in the school curriculum:
Religion (Catholic doctrine, Scripture, Family Life Education, Safe Environment Education)
Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing)
Social Studies
Physical Education
Computer skills
Library skills

In addition to the above subjects, technology and research skills are taught.

As a community of faith, Holy Family Catholic School seeks to involve parents, students, teachers, priests, and administration in the educational program. The Christian atmosphere of the school lends itself to the total development of the child. Since Catholic education is an expression of the mission entrusted to full Church membership, we strive to give witness to Christian values through example, commitment, and service. In partnership with the parents and the Church, Holy Family Catholic School exists to enable people to hear the message of hope contained in the Gospel, to base their love and service of God upon this message, to achieve a vital personal relationship with Christ, and to share the Gospel's realistic view of the human condition.

Parents are the primary educators of their children; the development of good behavior habits and proper attitudes toward faith and school begins at home. For the student to achieve his/her highest potential, it is necessary that both home and school endeavor to cooperate and to act as one to unify the child's life. When there is an understanding between the school and the home, when expectations are mutually honored and respected, there develops in the child's mind a sense of security, which is the basis of all growth. 

Our Beliefs:

  • The education of students is a home, school, parish, and community partnership.
  • Children grow optimally in an environment of safety and love.
  • Students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical gifts are to be developed in the school     community.
  • The various learning styles of students are best met by using a variety of teaching methods.
  • Students are to be educated in the skills needed to be critical thinkers and life-long learners.
  • Students grow by building relationships with God and others.
  • Developing a passion for service leads students to Christian maturity.