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Frequently Asked Questions


What day and time is the school mass? 
School mass is on Wednesday morning at 8:15 am in the church. On Holy Days of obligation, we go to mass that day with the parish at 9 am. This is in lieu of the school mass. Students attend mass with Prayer Partners. Prayer Partners

Who do I contact if:

  • My child is sick and will miss school? 1. There is an absentee form link on the parent portal and the Parent Resources page of our website that you can fill out. This form automatically goes to the office email. 2. You can email 3. You can call the school and leave a message.
  • I am concerned about my child's grades? Contact your child's teacher.
  • I want more information about a home notice (conduct or ATL)? Contact your child's teacher.
  • My child will be late for school or need to leave early?  You need to email The office will send the information to the teachers who work with your child. 
  • My child need to make their sacraments? Please contact the parish office. Linda Joshston is our Faith Formation Director,

Are masks mandatory for students and/or teachers? Masks are optional for students. If parents want their child to wear a mask, they will enforce this at school. Teachers/staff who are not vaccinated will wear masks when they are around students and cannot have social distance.

What is your class size and student to teacher ratio? 
Class sizes for Kindergarten through third grade average 25 students and have a ratio of 12 students to one teacher. Kindergarten through third grade have a teacher assistant until 12:30 each day. Grades four through eight cap at 30 students.

What time is lunch and do you offer a hot lunch program?
We have two lunch periods; first lunch is at 12:00 for grades kindergarten through fourth grade, and second lunch begins at 12:45 for grades five through eight. We offer a hot lunch program for parents who prefer to order and pay for lunch. Parents order lunch on the parent portal, which is also where the menu is found. We ask that you order the school hot lunch by Thursday the week before.

What are Charity N.U.T. (No Uniform Today) Days and Spirit Days? Charity N.U.T. Days are when students can pay a dollar or more to dress down. The money they donate goes to a charity of the Student Leadership Boards choice. Charity N.U.T .Days are on the third Friday of the month. Spirit Day is the first Friday of every month. Students wear their spirit shirt and we assemble in the morning for awards (Catholic Role models, Character Trait of the month, Patrol of the Month, and Bee Statement Awards).

How are the social emotional needs of students addressed?
Holy Family employs a full-time guidance counselor who works with classes, small groups and individual students when needed. All classes participate in Responsive Classroom. Responsive Classroom is a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline. It is comprised of a set of research and evidence-based practices designed to create safe and engaging classrooms and school communities for both students and teachers. This year we will combine Responsive Classroom with a new religiously based curriculum called Friendzy. Friendzy equips and teaches kids to be really good friends, creating a lasting impact on the next generation. Friendzy is designed to change school culture by offering vital social and emotional learning lessons to proactively address inappropriate behavior, reduce stress, equip students with healthy relationship skills, and improve focus and academic performance, which will increase resiliency for success in school and in life.

Do you offer breaks or recess during the school day? 
Yes, all students receive a break in the morning and recess before or after lunch. Grades three through eight have a ten-minute break in the morning and approximately 15 minutes at recess. Students may bring a snack to eat during the break.

At what age does my child need to be baptised if they are to make their sacrament in second grade? Children need to be baptised by age 7.

What carline should I follow?
VPK will be dropped off at the front of the school. All of the students will follow the curb along the back of the parking lot and get dropped off beyond the yellow barriers (see the Family Handbook). Afternoon: Multi-child families pick up in the front of carline. Single-child families pick up in the back car ine.

Do I have to do volunteer hours?  Yes, all families are asked to do 20 hours of service for Holy Family Catholic School. Single-parent families can request to do 10 hours of service. If you prefer not to do service hours, you can pay $25 for each service hour.